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        Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell

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We are Lori Levisen and Bob Waegell, long married ourselves, and we love to help couples get through their own I-do's as joyously as possible.

We regularly perform civil and non-denominational weddings, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies in the greater Sacramento area.

In addition to the two of you, your wedding officiant is the one person your wedding cannot do without.  But somehow officiants are often the last vendor that couples shop for.  This is unfortunate because, apart from your love for each other, your officiant’s personality will set the tone for your ceremony more than any other factor.  For better or worse, their spoken words - and their ability to help you find your own - will live on in your memories for a long time.  So even if your wedding date is fast approaching, try not to choose your officiant hastily.  And don’t shop by price alone.

Instead, choose someone you basically like, someone who will work with you to co-create a deeply moving, enjoyable and memorable ceremony that truly reflects who you are. Think ahead to your wedding day. You’ll probably be excited, nervous, and potentially exhausted from last-minute crises. You’ll want someone who can provide a calming and reassuring presence, someone who knows what matters, someone who can adapt to the logistical problems that almost always arise.  So as you and your sweetheart walk away from an interview, ask yourselves, “Will this officiant help us through it?”

Either of us would love to be that person, whether your wedding will be held in the finest hotel, winery, ranch, public park, rented hall, secluded beach or back yard.  To us, the emotional experience that a carefully crafted ceremony provides you and your gathered loved ones matters most.

We are available to answer your questions both before and after your wedding.  We can direct your rehearsal, if needed, and will coordinate and cooperate with your other wedding professionals.

Whether your budget is lavish or limited, whether everything goes according to plan or your cake melts and your zipper fails, ultimately it's the love embodied in your ceremony, the right balance of tears and laughs that a good officiant can evoke from you and your guests, that makes your ceremony a success.To quote a fellow officiant from New York, “The wedding ceremony shouldn't be the thing that you and your guests have to suffer through to get to the good part.”

Please take a look around the rest of our website.  We've tried to include information we think will help you plan your ceremony.

Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell

We would love to help you create a warm, personal ceremony to share with your favorite people on your wedding day.

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