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        Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell

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Almost Bilingual Wedding Officiant ;-)

Bob is almost b

Many couples complain about how hard it is to find an officiant who is bilingual in Spanish.  Bob can help!                     Love in all languages

He has an ear for languages and can learn to read them for wedding ceremonies.  (He probably would not be able to participate in conversations with your guests, however.) 

He grew up on a farm, worked alongside field laborers and sheepherders from Mexico, Spain and Peru, and thereby learned some Spanish. (But most of what he learned shouldn’t be repeated at a wedding!)

He now gets far less practice in Spanish and his ears have slowed, but his pronunciation remains good and, with advance preparation and assistance with translation, he can convincingly read entire ceremonies in Spanish.

He has also performed selected portions of wedding ceremonies in Portuguese, Tagalog and Japanese.  Because his grandfather was Alsatian, he's also waiting for a chance to speak approximations of French and German.

There are professional translators available as well and Lori has worked with those found through local colleges. She also learned a bit of Tagalog by having the bride record the words and phrases she wanted Lori to say.  With that recording to guide her, Lori practiced for hours in the privacy of her office.  Greeted almost perfectly in their native tongue, the guests felt both honored and tickled pink.

When we work with a translator, we provide them a copy of the ceremony in English so they can translate it beforehand into the required language. Sometimes we proceed in both languages one phrase at a time.  Sometimes, couples choose to translate only their vows and a few especially poignant passages.  And sometimes a translation is printed in booklets and distributed to those who need them so the ceremony can be spoken entirely in English.  By whatever means, such weddings become truly beautiful bi-cultural experiences.

Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell
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