Sacramento Wedding Officiants

        Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell

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Booking Us
In our humble opinion,  your wedding ceremony sets the tone for your entire wedding celebration.  And we have the audacity to think that choosing your officiant should be a top priority when planning your wedding. 

Unfortunately, choosing a wedding officiant somehow doesn't sound as exciting as shopping for your wedding dress or picking out the flowers, so most couples don't give it much thought.

That's okay.  When you meet with one or both of us, we ask all the right questions so that you'll develop a clearer idea of what you want your ceremony to say to yourselves, to each other, and to your family and friends.  You'll also get a clearer sense of who we are so your decision to hire one of us--or even someone else--will be an informed one.


If you think one of us might suit you, please e-mail or phone us.  We welcome questions and our initial interviews are free, take about an hour, and don't obligate you in any way.  We generally meet prospective clients at a mutually convenient coffeehouse.

If leaving a voice-mail, please include your wedding date, time and location so we can check our calendars for availability before we return your call.  If you e-mail us, be sure to reference your wedding or wedding date in the subject line or your message may inadvertently get deleted.  

Additionally, let us know if you or your partner (or your parents) have a strong preference for a male or female officiant. There's no reason to confer with both of us if either of you has such a preference.  On the other hand, we do have distinct personalities and meeting with the two of us at one time would give you two options during the same interview.  The competition between us has always been friendly and generally amuses our clients.

As my friend Johanna says, and I quote, "Thank you for trusting your dreams to our hands."  We are thankful for every couple who contacts us to ask about our availability for their upcoming wedding, for those couples who meet with us and those who invite us to be a part of their special day. Because of you, we get to follow our dreams, we have work we love and that is just about the coolest thing ever. Thank you!


Please note: Your wedding will not be "BOOKED" just because you interviewed one or both of us. 

As a courtesy, we will reserve your wedding and rehearsal times for 72 hours after our interview, but must receive your decision, followed promptly by your NON-REFUNDABLE $100 booking fee and signed contract, before we actually ink you into our calendar and refuse other inquiries.  Given no word from you or a subsequent delay in payment, we may book with other couples.

Payment Options: 
While we happily accept personal checks, we also like cash.  Doesn't everybody?! 

We can also accept debit card, Visa and Mastercard payments via PayPal.

We ask that the balance due be paid at the rehearsal or just prior to your ceremony.  After the ceremony, you'll be busy with the photographer and stopping to fetch your checkbook can be a huge distraction.

We offer discounts for weekday weddings and to those serving in the military. Please ask about this during our interview.


While we both recommend a rehearsal, we don't always have to be there - especially if you have a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator from the facility.

Whether we're at your rehearsal or not, you will be familiar with every aspect of your ceremony as we will have co-created it.  It is the choreography (who goes where and when) that needs to be reviewed at the rehearsal.  If you are including a sub-ceremony such as a Unity Candle, it is important to know where any needed items will be placed and how you will stand.

We both perform weddings primarily in the greater Sacramento area and its surrounding communities, including but not limited to those in El Dorado, Amador, Yolo and San Joaquin counties.

Generally, travel in a radius of 25 miles from our home is included--though some locations require an upcharge for parking or chronic traffic congestion. Travel further than this radius can incur additional fees.

Lori lived in the Santa Cruz area, still clings to her Santa Cruz cell phone number, and loves to have an excuse to go back there for the climate change and to visit friends so she continues to perform weddings there without charging any additional travel fees. 

If you have the budget, we also travel to distant venues in San Francisco, the Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite or Hollywood. Out of state travel depends upon your state's regulations for visiting officiants.

Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell
We would love to help you create a warm, personal ceremony to share with your favorite people on your wedding day.

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