Sacramento Wedding Officiants

        Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell

Thank you Beth for this photo!

Introducing Our Wedding Officiants

Lori Levisen

I was a massage therapist for 25 years before arthritis forced me to s
top. Almost every day, I looked forward to going to work because
I got to experience and enjoy an intimate, heart-level connection with my clients.

Before, during and after my life as a therapist, I was also a speech therapist, a convention and meeting planner, a massage instructor and
massage department program director for a vocational school.  But, somehow, in those jobs this essential-to-the-well-being-of-my-soul connection to people was always missing.

Since becoming an officiant in 2003, however, I have felt truly blessed to again do work that "feeds my soul".

Bob Waegell
Old Sugar Mill Wedding I am a farmboy at heart, with a small commercial orchard of Pluots and Apriums, select apricots, plums, peaches, prunes, figs and paw-paws, and a smaller vineyard of wonderful table grapes.
Part of the third generation now working family land,
I know first-hand the
challenges and rewards of working with, and living close to, an extended family.

I was inspired to become a wedding officiant by witnessing just how much Lori lights up when performing a wedding.  Like from eating a truly ripe peach! The appeal of a profession that brings that much joy was enough for me to overcome my fear of public speaking.
Our History

Bob and I found one another at a dinner party hosted by friends a loooong time ago.  Soon, despite our differences in height and world view, we had become best friends.  Like all couples in love, we discovered that we liked each other's company.  Everything we do--well, almost everything--is more fun when we do it together.

We have even learned to appreciate our fights because they have ultimately strengthened our bond.  Appreciating commitment as we do, helping others to proclaim theirs is deeply satisfying to us.

Bob wrote this and I have since adopted it even though I have never been divorced:

"I have seen too many marriages end in divorce.  I lived through one myself.  So for me, your compatibility and the depth of your devotion to each other matter more than the amount of money you spend or the size of wedding you host for your family and friends.  That said, friends and relatives can be a vital source of support and perspective when times are tough.  I hope you have some.

In my view, a wedding ceremony is more than a celebration of the love between two people.  It is more than a solemn vow to remain faithful despite sickness or poverty.  It is also a humble plea, made to those you have invited, to help you stay in love, to help you keep talking, and to help you stay married in the years ahead--even when you don't realize or won't admit that you need such help.

Ideally, then, a wedding ceremony builds not only a couple and their family, but a whole community.  That sounds awfully preachy, I know.  But a ceremony that emphasizes your membership in a larger community need not be dull and humorless.  Indeed, it can be fun to assure a groom that friends will be there to restrain his bride's shopping sprees and equally heartwarming for a bride to know that her new husband will forever be under social pressure to pick up his dirty socks or change dirty diapers.

In this mundane way, I prefer not to call upon God to grant you a life of wedded bliss.  Instead, I lightheartedly call upon you and your loved ones to embody holiness yourselves, to remember what's important and what isn't, to fight fairly, and to appreciate little things like sticking out your tongue to settle trivial disputes--an endearing practice I learned from Lori."

Lori Levisen & Bob Waegell
We would love to help you create a warm, personal ceremony to share with your favorite people on your wedding day.

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